Do you feel nervous about dancing in front of a big crowd?

Do you want to surprise your guests with a special dance?

Do you want to avoid swaying side to side for 3 minutes?


Don’t Sway, Start Dancing

Increase Your Confidence

Shine Like The Stars

If you are short on time and budget, want to do more than the 3-minute sway, and desire a simple dance, then what you need is our basic dance program that will help you get started right away and teach you how to move in a few lessons.   If you feel somewhat unsure or nervous about dancing in front of a large crowd, want to look elegant and graceful, and maybe even want to have a beautiful but not formal choreography, then we can help you in the next level of dance coaching program.   If you really want to surprise and impress your friends and families, desire a unique choreography, and have time in your wedding planning process to learn an exciting routine, then you’ll love we can create for you.  

What Our Clients Say


Kristina and Ernest Wedding First Dance Couple 1

"Xixi was a pleasure to work with! My now husband actually has some dance experience but in hip hop and I had done some ballroom dancing many years ago. We were a bit worried that our dance may not be elegant or interesting as we did not have a lot of time and also we had to take out the hip-hop out of my now husband.

Xixi made learning our dance a lot of fun and even taught us some exercises to help us understand concepts (ie how much pressure to give against your partner and keeping proper form). With our limited time, we opted to combine most of our lessons so each were 1.5 hours long. It sounds like a long time to be dancing but the lesson would go by so fast! Scheduling lessons were fairly easy as Xixi was pretty flexible.

Xixi is a gifted teacher who is very patient and will teach based on how fast the couple picks up the steps. I know this because not only did she teach me and my husband for our first dance, but me and my father for our father-daughter dance. My father doesn't pick up new steps as fast as my husband so she would not advanced as fast with my father until she felt he was comfortable enough with the steps.

We went into our first dance with a lot of confidence and our guests were thoroughly amazed and entertained. The price may first seem daunting but she was worth every penny and now I have a video of our great dance for years to remember :)"

-Kristina and Ernest